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"Nullius in verba."

I’m Jon, 24, WV. I do not know where I am in life’s journey but -what I do have is a GED and a give-‘em-hell attitude and I’ll figure it out. Bi. Crohnie. Pokemon Trainer. Wizard. Whovian. Resident geek, nerd, and gamer aficionado. Feel free to whisper things in my ear.

Schoolwork is all finished up for this week and turned in, so I have about three nights with nothing to do. Wahoooo!

I actually need to work on cosplay stuff though. I also need to try and work on a budget for the first time moving out. However, I still need to try and make a decision about where I want to move to, and all this other stuff… augh. Help!?

If the signs were mythological creatures:

Aries: Werewolf
Taurus: Hell hound
Gemini: Doppelgänger
Cancer: Banshee
Leo: Fairy
Virgo: Angel
Libra: Nymph
Scorpio: Siren
Sagittarius: Ghost
Capricorn: Mermaid
Aquarius: Vampire
Pisces: Shapeshifter

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it’s very frustrating being a girl and trying to flirt with other girls like. you tell them, ur cute. ‘Aw thank you’ no. no i’m being gay with you. homo intended. damn it

Men are literally the opposite. I can be like hey I like your shirt and they’ll be like “HEY! No homo man. I ain’t gay.”

"Dashboard" by Modest Mouse


Dashboard - Modest Mouse


If you liked my Giant Carrot Body Pillow, perhaps you’ll like this kinda big pickle. Get it here.

[UPDATE! My shop is on vacation until 8/11 because my hands were literally curling up into paws from so much handsewing. It’s a health vacation. I’m so happy for all the Tumblove! Follow me here, or on Instagram and definitely sign up for my store updates so you’ll know when it’s available for sale again. I’m also working on a smaller version.]


when u get read by a close friend


on something youre sensitive about



I got that comic con, comic con sadness


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Magical girl is not something you can retire from …. 

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